Disinformation and trust in news were key drivers of the tragic riots that took place on January 6, 2021 at the U.S. Capitol. The violence that took place targeted journalists as well as Congress, which makes the reporting, photographs and video that came out of the Capitol that day even more vital. We owe a debt of gratitude to those who chose to keep the rest of the world informed.

But as the crisis unfolded, advertisers paused many of their online ads, including those running alongside news content, a practice that ramped up in 2020 during the early stages of…

A new study released this week suggests that the current ad-tech ecosystem is not only detrimental to publishers, but it harms all involved in it due to a lack of accountability. The UK’s ISBA and their research partners at PwC spent over a year assessing data from all points of the programmatic advertising equation and reached some conclusions that should give pause to all involved.

The real showstopper finding is that publishers are receiving, on average, 51 percent of what advertisers are spending on programmatic advertising. They also found that across the study, 15 percent of the spend from advertisers…

As the COVID-19 pandemic reshapes life in the 21st century, the news industry’s long history does not protect it from fundamental change. One major issue the crisis has illuminated is many advertisers’ reluctance — for brand safety reasons — to advertise against news, whether by directly blocking news sites or blocking terms related to large news events (such as the pandemic or the presidential election). The problem is enormous, as are the stakes. Advertising remains the primary source of revenue for most news publishers, although even before the pandemic, news publishers earned a small fraction of the money spent advertising…

Rebecca Frank

VP, Research & Insights at News Media Alliance twitter.com/frankrebecca

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